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map_botswana.gifBotswana has joined the international community in commending the Egyptian people for the largely peaceful manner in which they brought about the ouster of long-time leader Hosni Mubarak.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Botswana noted in a news release the Egyptian military's pledges for a peaceful transition to democratic rule anchored on free and fair elections as well as freedom of expression and association.

Nevertheless, Botswana expressed some reservations about the military takeover of the government for the next six months or until the elections are held. "We are, however, concerned that the military is in charge of such transition, which in our view is not the best arrangement," the news release says.

Botswana says it is hopeful that the military will exit the political scene as soon as possible to allow a democratic process to take place.

The land-locked Southern African country further calls on the international community to spare no effort in working with the current leadership in Egypt to bring about meaningful change, in line with the wishes and aspirations, it says, of ordinary men and women who sacrificed their time, comforts and even lives to usher in a new era in their country.

Mubarak was ousted Friday after being at the helm of his North African country for nearly 30 years.

Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/africa/02/14/botswana.egypt/index.html

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